Hoarders: now with sleepovers in the hoard

When Hoarders, one of my favorite reality series, returns next month, it will have a new element: sleepovers in the hoarders’ homes with the show’s cast.

The details are unclear, although A&E does reveal that those who stay overnight–presumably the organizer and doctor, although maybe it’s just one or the other–“don’t always make it.” I presume/hope that means they leave and go back to the hotel to shower, rather than die in the hoard.

All A&E’s press release says is that “the experts take on a 24-hour job by attempting to spend the entire night in each house to see exactly how each hoarder has adapted to their environment,” in an attempt “to get a better understanding of how to help each hoarder cope with their inability to part with their belongings and clean-up for good.” The hoards this year include “30 years’ worth of cardboard boxes” and “15 years’ worth of [the hoarder’s] own bottled urine and feces.”

I, for one, cannot wait to see Dr. Chabaud, Matt Paxton, and Dr. Robin Zasio unpacking their suitcases next to trash, bottles of urine, piles of feces, and dead animals. I don’t mean to be flippant about a mental disorder, but really, I am anxious to see that.

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