Rachel and Brendon return to TV tonight

Overexposed Big Brother and Amazing Race cast members Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas are back on a reality show tonight at 9 p.m. ET, but is not, thankfully, the CBS show that unleashed them upon the world. Instead, a new HGTV show will use them to draw viewers–except inexplicable programming strategy has led HGTV to schedule the episode at the exact same time Big Brother 14 debuts.

Natural Born Sellers is another HGTV real estate show that follows, according the network, “a successful California family of real estate agents in their quest to remain in the elite top one percent of agents in the country.” In tonight’s premiere episode, here’s what we’ll see:

“Real Estate Agents Marissa and Julianna help television stars and engaged couple Rachel and Brendon find their first home. Brendon insists on staying close to UCLA but Rachel wants to get the most bang for her buck, even if that means going to the Valley.”

Rachel and Brendon appear about 20 seconds into this teaser commercial, but you’ll know when that happens because Rachel’s mouth is open so wide all of the things in your house will be pulled into it:

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