Crew members quit Senior Prom, a Debbie Reynolds-hosted with dancing seniors

The director of photography for Senior Prom, a dance competition featuring old people over the age of 70, has quit the production along with other crew members, saying they haven’t been paid. The show was in production in Naples, the formerly sleepy city in southwest Florida, where I grew up (and then fled).

Executive Producer Brian Howie denies there’s a problem with the production, the Naples Daily News reports, though its director of photography, Christopher Flores, said he’s owed $12,700. The paper said some of the “production crew held a meeting Monday night in a last-ditch attempt to get their pay. They set a 2:30 p.m. Tuesday deadline for him to deliver the checks for the missed wages, but said the deadline passed with no word from Howie.” Howie told the paper, “We fired one guy, a disgruntled crew member. Our crew is cyclical.”

A May press release said the Debbie Reynolds-hosted series “follows each contestant as they train and are mentored by award-winning Broadway stars who serve as their dance partners and coaches” with episodes that “will focus not only on the dance training but also on the lifetime of memories and experiences that will serve as the backdrop for what truly makes this the journey of their lives.”

That sounds too derivative to be really interesting to me, but I am really surprised there haven’t been more shows with seniors, just because they’re so wacky. About all we have is that lame NBC hidden camera show for which Betty White was nominated for an Emmy. But there should be more. For example, I’d watch a series set in Florida’s The Villages, the retirement community which has made news for its increasing STD infection rates.

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