Sex with donkeys in Colombia: two documentaries explore this real thing

Reality-based programming can introduce us to people and behavior that isn’t part of our lives and experience. The behavior in these two documentaries is probably foreign to most people who read, because they’re about donkey sex. This makes drinking donkey semen out of a glass seem like nothing.

First, Donkey Love is a theatrical documentary now showing at film festivals. It’s directed by Daryl Stoneage, who told the New York Times that this is about more “men who have sex and fall in love with donkeys,” including “a father who introduces it to his son for the first time, a guy who has sex with three donkeys at the same time, [and] a guy who’s cheating on his wife with a donkey and even a festival that celebrates it.”

Watch its trailer:

If you can’t wait to see that, watch Asses of the Caribbean right now. It’s a short documentary from Vice released last fall, in which Ryan Duffy explores donkey sex in Colombia and with experts, one of whom suggests this is not limited to Colombia. This interaction with donkeys extends beyond bestiality (sex with animals) to actual romantic love for them.

How long before this becomes a TLC reality series?

The documentary, below, is graphic, shocking, and not safe for most workplaces: a man indicates a crowd of young boys and says, “All these kids are already fucking donkeys. They stick it in every day,” and a 14-year-old kid says, “I stroke the donkey until she’s ready, like this. The tail goes up, I spread her pussy and I go in.” This is clearly common behavior for those interviewed–which includes a man who has sex with a donkey on camera. Watch:

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