Big Brother winner Drew arrested for domestic violence against a male victim, tased by police

Big Brother 5 winner Drew Daniel was arrested for domestic violence earlier this month, reminding us of how well the CBS show’s casting people are at finding high-quality people to play the game.

Andrew T. Daniel, who went by Drew on the show, was arrested July 2 for domestic violence. Citing police reports, the Urbana Daily Citizen reports that, at Drew’s residence, a

“male victim told authorities that Daniel attacked and punched him in the ribs, causing scrapes to his body and arms. When a deputy approached Daniel to talk with him, he was breathing heavily and did not respond to the deputy, the report states.

After the deputy asked for assistance from another deputy, Daniel screamed and started charging toward the deputy. The deputy used his Taser on Daniel after warning him to stop and he was taken into custody, the report says.”

Interestingly, the paper also notes that “The victim and another resident refused to write statements about what occurred prior to law enforcement arriving at the house.”

This report is already fueling three-year-old rumors that Drew is gay, which seem to have their origin in a ridiculously written paragraph about him on a fan wiki. However, in 2009, After Elton reported that Drew is not gay.

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