Willie Hantz ejected from Big Brother house

Willie Hantz has been removed from the Big Brother house, joining other cast members who were removed by the producers for violence and/or threats of violence.

While feed watchers previously saw pre-ejection drama–from Justin holding a knife to Krista’s throat while asking, “Would you get mad if I killed you?” to Chima’s meltdown–most of what happened Friday occurred during an approximately four-hour feed blackout that became known as HantzWatch on Twitter.

Friday afternoon, upset about the results of the coaches’ competition, he first said that he’d get himself evicted via violence (“going to get evicted this week before I get out that door,” “going to get in a fight and knock somebody out,” according to Big Brother Network). Meanwhile, Boogie jokingly said the show’s psychologist should be called.

The feeds were cut for about four hours, and when they returned, Willie was gone. What happened was explained by the houseguests, including Ian, who said that Willie slammed doors, called people names, and then head- or shoulder-butted Joe a few times. Willie was sent to the Diary Room, and as he left, he called Janelle the c-word and b-word and threw pork rinds (the have-not food) at her. She said, “Bye bye, Willie.”

More details–including spoilers about the competition and nominations–and times for replaying key moments on the feeds are on Big Brother Network and Hamsterwatch, which called this “Tropical Storm Willie.”

Update: Willie apologized, sort of, to both the show and fans. He wrote, “I wanna apologize 2 @CBSBigBrother @CBS and ALL the fans 4 doing what I did last night. I truly LUV BB and am grateful 4 the opportunity.” But in a subsequent tweet, he wrote, “However I am not sorry to Joe the fat ass chef and Janelle’s Michael Jackson nose looking ass! NO one bully’s me. No matter what is at stake.”

For even more entertainment–and confirmation that Willie was ejected–here are four minutes of commentary from Brandon Hantz, in which he insists no one knows what happened and then defends his uncle, including against accusations of homophobia. It’s too amazing to even start to quote from, so just watch:

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