Big Brother coaches may join the game and other things producers tried to hide

The four returning Big Brother houseguests may join in the actual game in a few weeks, thereby undoing everything good about this twist. That was revealed on the live feeds, where people who pay $40 for three months get their access repeatedly cut by producers, who are again revealing themselves to be ham-fisted in every possible way.

Last night, Britney told Willie that she and Janelle were convinced the coaches will return to the game in week four. She asked producers for her contract, apparently because it contains a clause they signed related to the twist, though it’s unclear what that is because the producers successfully cut the feeds right as she said that. (Update: BigBrotherNet says Britney elaborated, and that contract says producers can change anything at any time; that’s not a surprise, nor different from what the contract already says.)

That would make sense since there are only 11 people left in the house and 10 weeks left in the game (including the final week, when the finale airs on Sept. 19). But it’s also really disappointing, because it would a) undo what’s been the most interesting part of this season so far, and b) give the returnees a ridiculously unfair playing field. Of course, this show is famous for fucking up good things–I mean, we should “expect the unexpected” (gag).

Thanks to the tireless monitoring, tweeting, and reporting of Hamsterwatch, here are other revelations last night that the producers tried but failed to censor fully:

  • Britney asked producers for Xanax while she was in the Diary Room.
  • Willie is unsurprisingly friends with Survivor Nicaragua‘s Shannon Elkins (“that’s my boy”), but Janelle called Shannon a “fucking asshole”; you’ll recall Shannon made homophobic comments at Tribal Council and after he was voted out.
  • The have-nots were allowed to eat before the week ended, which is typical, but the producers tried to block this information even though those people were seen eating.

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