Big Brother returnees will play “their own game”; remaining cast revealed

CBS just announced the 12 people who will be this summer’s Big Brother houseguests competing for $500,000, and confirmed that four previous cast members will return, but they will be “playing the game with their own agenda and for their own game.” Those four won’t be revealed until next Thursday during the first episode.

Besides Willie Hantz, Russell’s brother, the 12 cast members include Jenn, the “former bass player for the female metal group ‘Kittie'”; Wil Heuser, who’s identified as a “marketing consultant” but is actually a stupid Idol auditioner and has his own YouTube show; and Kara Monaco, who posed for Playboy and has appeared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and The Girls Next Door.

CBS previously promised that this season will have the most houseguests ever, but as Hamsterwatch pointed out, season nine also had 16.

The press release notes that “the four returning players and details surrounding their mission inside the house will be revealed during the season premiere.” Hilariously, there’s far more information about the house’s new look, which is pretty ugly and has been better in the past. It says:

“This season, the Houseguests will enjoy bright colors in the BIG BROTHER house which is styled in urban pop culture décor. The contemporary living room features three-dimensional, white ‘wave wall’ covers, which are accented with rainbow-colored, custom designed wall paper and a 12-foot tall abstract sculpture composed of steel, plexiglass and light. The kitchen’s white, open cabinets showcase pops of bright colors inside. The Houseguests will have an opportunity to slumber in the Kicks Bedroom, featuring a wall of sneakers; the Sonic Flow Room, which is decorated with various headphones, a boom box and headphone shaped beds; or relax in the bird themed bedroom. Other highlights from this season’s BIG BROTHER house include the Arcade Room; a Zen garden-inspired backyard; an ‘every city’ skyline along the upstairs wall; and an oversized chess game.”

Well, that’s all good to know.

By the way, CBS also provided journalists with a “cheat tweet” for them to copy and paste, because writing tweets is hard work. But that tweet indicates their failure once again to understand 1) Twitter has limited characters and long hashtags are unnecessary, and 2) that it might make sense to adopt the hashtag that fans have been using for months, #BB14. But no:

CHEAT TWEET: Which new Houseguest will B $500,000 richer by the end of the #summer? #CBSBigBrother premieres 7/12, 9pmET/PT

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