Oh Sit!, The CW’s musical chairs show, actually looks pretty awesome

The CW’s upcoming musical chairs game show/reality competition with the hilariously ridiculous name Oh Sit! actually looks good–really–perhaps because it seems like a new version of Wipeout.

The show’s executive producer, Phil Gurin, told the New York Post “this is not a kid’s game” and said “it’s musical chairs on steroids.” Here’s how he described the actual game play:

“It’s done on a giant indoor sound stage [in LA] with a giant circular obstacle course, and there’s a huge studio audience and a house band. … The contestants race around the circular obstacle course and earn money every time they complete an obstacle … and they have to reach Chair Island when the music stops. Each ‘chair’ has different money values and the contestants have to cross a bridge over a deep moat to get to ‘Chair Island.’ If you don’t get to your chair you’re eliminated, and if you earn the least amount of money in a race you’re eliminated.”

That sounds watchable, especially on a fun-looking set, which is very Wipeout with its padding and obstacles and water. It is visible in brief flashes in these two teaser promos–and also in a longer summer promo.

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