Reality check: a twist the US Amazing Race should use, serve Andy Cohen alcohol

Amazing Race Australia borrowed an interesting twist from the Israeli version: teams vote for which team will do the U-turn between legs, meaning it’s both a majority decision and one that may or may not affect the race. [Bother’s Bar]

Lamar Odom terrible season with the Dallas Mavericks this past season was not caused by Keeping up with the Kardashians, or so he told Oprah, and no one lies to Oprah. [Star-Telegram]

Bravo is looking for “Watch What Happens Live’s biggest fan,” which is almost an oxymoron, to serve as the show’s bartender, apparently for a night. Five winners will be chosen. [Bravo]

Storage Wars‘ Dave Hester and singer Trey Songz have settled their moronic dispute over who gets to use the phrase “yuuup.” The settlement is unknown, but hopefully involves neither of them ever saying that stupid word again. [Hollywood Reporter]

If you thought Ryan Seacrest couldn’t possibly find more stuff to do and/or pimp, he’s Ford Fusion’s new spokesperson–I mean, he’ll be “guiding consumers through the interactive journey to launch Random Acts of Fusion, helping them participate through his multimedia platforms.” [Ford press release]

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