Another Project Runway all-stars to come, but no more spin-offs

Project Runway is currently filming its 10th season, which debuts July 19, and as part of that, there will be a live runway show tomorrow in Times Square at 8 p.m. ET. And its future includes a second all-star season, but Lifetime is not planning any additional spin-offs, thankfully.

That news comes via Lifetime president Nancy Dubuc, who told Emmy magazine that “the first one is always the best one.” The magazine reports that “no new spin-offs are planned,” but that we can “expect a second outing of All Stars,” according to executive producer Harvey Weinstein.

Elsewhere in the article, Weinstein reveals more about the 2008-2009 battle to move the show from Bravo to Lifetime. He claims it “was much more amicable than the press reported.” He said that they “gave these guys [NBC Universal] very minimal dollars to settle–$3 million–with a $100 million contract at Lifetime. It was a cheap price to pay not to go to court again.”

Meanwhile, Tim Gunn has something interesting to say about his show’s former network home: “Bravo has evolved in such a manner that I think we’re too feel-good for Bravo. Project Runway is a feel-good show.”

Calling Runway “feel-good” is a bit too much bullshit for me, but I can’t help thinking that Tim’s analysis of Bravo’s evolution is spot-on.

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