Richard Hatch, Rachel Reilly’s “marine adventure” series: watch and be amazed

CBS reality competition winners Richard Hatch and Rachel Reilly are co-hosting a new “marine adventure” reality series that they’re pitching to networks. And yes, it is just as bad as that sounds, at least if we judge based on its “sizzle reel,” in which the Survivor and Big Brother winners attempt to act.

A press release describes I’m on a Boat as “a brand new concept for a television series that incorporates adventure, boating and lifestyle mixed with a little comedy, drama and reality,” and says that with hosts “Rich and Rachel, the show will be a powerhouse of Adventure, Fun, Excitement, Drama and Real-life action.” We’ll watch “as they board all types of Boats, Yachts, Ships and Sailing Vessels and experience a true marine adventure each episode.”

Ooh, I do like Fun, especially on Sailing Vessels.

The release says there are “several promos” and the show “is currently being proposed and carefully vetted by interested networks.” Let’s hope no network watches the promo below, because I don’t know where to begin, except to apologize for the six minutes and 17 seconds of your life that it will consume. In case you didn’t know, neither Richard Hatch nor Rachel Reilly are actors.

To be fair, this less-scripted, less-jokey promo isn’t as bad, and the show’s concept has some promise–and besides a Facebook page, that’s all that appears to be here now, a concept. Here’s more of the concept from the press release:

“Each adventure will be designed and scripted to bring the viewer inside the production of the show to experience each adventure through Rich’s humor, wit and outrageous antics. Rachel adds a definite spice of sex appeal combined with on-screen reparte’ to Rich’s sometimes snarkish delivery. The viewer is pulled into the production process with the camera often focusing in voyeuristic fashion on Rich, Rachel, and the production crew as they all experience each adventure and work together to produce the show: A show within a show. In the grimy engine room, at the Captains helm, soaking in the Jacuzzi on the top deck, Jet Skiing across crystal blue waters in the tropics or spearfishing from the back of a luxury yacht; Rich lives each show as an adventure along with his production crew. They often turn the camera on each other as they cut bait, empty the bilge, SCUBA dive to clean the hull, scrub the deck, set the mainsail, cook the food, pilot the ship, land the big game trophy fish and sip champagne aboard some of the fastest, most unique, most interesting and most luxurious recreational boats, charter vessels, fishing boats, cruise ships and super yachts that cruise the waterways and high seas around the U.S. and abroad.”

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