Willam says sex-with-husband explanation for Drag Race elimination was “false”

RuPaul’s Drag Race ended its fourth season after delaying its climax last week, and finally crowned a winner: Sharon Needles. But even she might not have known she won at that moment, because at last week’s taping, all three finalists were crowned the winner to keep it an even greater secret. That’s a ridiculously over-the-top amount of secrecy, which is somehow perfect for this show.

The only other thing that mattered about the reunion/finale/ratings-grab was Willam’s explanation about why she was disqualified, which she promised would be revealed during the reunion. All we knew was that she broke the rules.

On the reunion, she said she was disqualified for having sex with her husband in the hotel in which they were sequestered. Entertainment Weekly reports from the taping that Willam actually said, “My husband was coming to bang me out.” RuPaul replied, “you were receiving conjugal visits from your husband and, unfortunately, that was in violation of the rules?” Willam joked: “Visiting makes it sound like we were visiting–there wasn’t no talking. But they were very long visits–he’s 6’6″.”

But guess what? At a finale party last night, Willam said that was not the real reason. Sigh. She told Gawker that story is “false,” and instead of explaining what the real reason is, said she was waiting until she’s “signed with Logo.” Even though Willam didn’t win, clearly, she’s the best at dragging things out and keeping herself in the spotlight.

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