Glass House details: teams, limbo, live streaming/voting

ABC has released details about its upcoming summer competition series The Glass House, and they make it sound very different from Big Brother–starting with an artist’s rendering of an actual glass house and the fact that it will only air 10 episodes over 10 weeks.

The teaser video makes it look like a sex den with fights, but a more detailed frequently asked questions (about a show we haven’t seen yet?!) page offers more information.

On the show, the 14 players will be divided into teams, and when a team loses a challenge, its captain goes to “limbo”–ABC says that’s “an area outside of the house where the two people go until one of them is allowed to return to the house”–along with someone from the losing team that everyone in the house votes to send to limbo. One of those two people will be sent home forever; there will be no returnees.

Team captains get that designation because they are viewers’ least-popular players, which may be the most intriguing twist–although it means that the captain is likely to go home if their team loses, since viewers already don’t like that person.

While the show will debut June 18, live voting begins June 9, while streaming starts June 11, and will be available Monday evening from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. PST, and Tuesday thru Thursday at noon PST (ABC doesn’t say how long the Tuesday-Thursday streaming will last).

During that window, viewers can vote and “have real-time influence of events seen during the live stream,” although it’s not clear what that means; there’s also “daily voting,” which ABC says “includes a number of voting opportunities each day through which you can influence events in the house — including major decisions such as who should be given a chance to return to the house from Limbo. This voting impacts on-air episodes.”

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