Apprentice celebrities finally start to throw down

Celebrity Apprentice has finally found its groove. From a near-riot over cash that injured Clay Aiken to Teresa Giudice finally losing her temper and screaming, last night’s episode made the transition from decent season to what we really want from this show: celebrities revealing their true selves as they fight each other to earn money for charity.

As a result, there are now a lot of different battles going on. That started a few weeks ago with Clay Aiken and Penn Jillette, which was perhaps the least predictable conflict ever. But a bunch of additional conflicts emerged during last night’s episode–the first hour of which was kind of a throwaway, except for the riot as Blue Man Group blew cash into the air instead of just handing it over to be donated to charity while the team sold their awful NYC guidebook (read it here).

Teresa threw down with Debbie Gibson (“Look what you’re wearing. Are you professional? Your tits are hanging out.”) and even slammed her signing abilities. Lou Ferrigno threw Dee Snider under the bus. Arsenio Hall cried over his charity, then blew up at Aubrey O’Day for her me-focused strategy, and she walked out. And everyone, as usual, tried to get Dayana Mendoza fired.

For a while, it’s seemed like Donald Trump has had a hidden immunity idol for his Miss Universe, since she survives every boardroom visit, but I actually think he hasn’t fired her yet because she usually doesn’t deserve to go home. Shocking, but true. Trump seems to be making decisions more on merit than he usually does, such as sending Dee Snyder and Debbie Gibson home last night for their failures on tasks that caused their teams to lose.

It’s been thoroughly enjoyable, with Clay and Aubrey’s hilarious commentary as icing. And the preview for next week suggests that things really get good. Finally.

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