Celebrity Apprentice inspires Teresa Giudice to apologize

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice’s time on The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump inspired her to apologize to her New Jersey co-stars.

She’s written “open letters” to former friends Jacqueline, Caroline, Melissa, and Kathy and published them in In Touch, because when you’re sincere, you use a celebrity gossip magazine as the vehicle to deliver your apologies. Teresa told the magazine, “Things have gotten out of hand. I want to accept responsibility for the things I did wrong. I’m truly sorry.” She said that “All of this drama seemed insignificant after I was exposed to people with real problems,” a reference to her charity, the NephCure Foundation, which supports research about kidney diseases.

As one example of an open letter, which are all in the print edition (her former friends have to buy the magazine to read them!), In Touch included Teresa’s letter to Jacqueline:

“Dear Jacqueline, I wish we could have resolved things sooner because I’m sincerely sorry for upsetting you — and I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your apology on Twitter. I feel like things have gotten out of hand, which is sad. I miss our friendship. I miss being like Lucy and Ethel with you. And so I hope we can work through these problems one day, when you are ready. Teresa xoxo”

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