Lisa Lampanelli uses racial slur against Dayana Mendoza

Celebrity Apprentice cast member Lisa Lampanelli’s feud with Dayana Mendoza has extended outside of the show, with Dayana responding this week to a racial slur Lisa used nearly a month ago that’s only getting attention now.

On her Sirius XM show back in March, Lisa called Dayana “fucking retarded” (listen to the audio) and then, while discussing their task–creating a viral video for an O’Cedar mop–Lisa mocked Dayana’s idea: “Mopping up afterbirth with an O’Cedar mop is not what they go for with O’Cedar, so that theory’s thrown out the window.” Then, after her co-host said something about watching Dayana create that viral video, Lisa said, “I actually would love to see her giving birth. She’s a spic! She’s going to do it fucking soon, anyway. She’ll be knocked up before the end of the week.”

That’s obviously both a racial slur and a racial stereotype, and although she may have been trying to be funny, there’s no humor in simply using a slur and stereotyping someone based on their ethnicity.

Dayana told E! News, “I’m resilient and can handle Lisa making fun of me personally. But as a Latina, Lisa’s words aren’t just offensive to me, but to millions of other individuals. To be generalized by stereotypes and called a ‘spic’ degrades and belittles anyone of Latin descent. When she uses racial slurs, she is not only targeting myself but degrading an entire Hispanic culture.” She gave a very similar statement to the Huffington Post, too.

Lisa left for a week’s vacation on Sunday, and thus hasn’t responded, and it’s at least interesting that her comments from three weeks ago only surfaced now, while she’s away. Of course, there’s no excuse for the language Lisa used in the context she used it.

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