Rupert’s campaign for governor has $4,000, and he polled at 5%

Being a famous television star who was given $1 million by viewer votes has apparently not helped Rupert Boneham in the race to become governor of Indiana. The Survivor star has far less money and support in the polls than his two opponents, although that could certainly change by election day.

A report about fundraising in the first quarter of the year found that his opponents have a lot more money: Republican Mike Pence raised $1.8 million and now has $4.9 million, Democrat John Gregg raised $584,570 and now has $1.5 million, and Rupert raised $14,000 and has $4,000.

The only apparent public poll, taken in early April–shortly after he officially became the Libertarian party’s nominee–found that Gregg has 31 percent support, Pence has 44 percent, and Rupert has 5 percent.

In March, when Rupert was nominated, the state’s Liberatrian party chair told the AP that Rupert “brings a level of name ID that our previous candidates have not had, which is important in politics,” and “can reach out to the 70 percent of the population that does not vote, and bring them into the process.”

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