All-star season for Dancing with the Stars this fall

The 15th season of Dancing with the Stars will be an all-star season, bringing back past celebrity dancers.

Mario Lopez, who came in second during the third season, co-hosted Live! with Kelly yesterday, and at the beginning of the show, revealed the news (accidentally? intentionally?) when they were discussing Gladys Knight’s elimination.

“You know what, Kelly? They’re having a Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars this next season, and they called me to do it,” he said. Kelly expressed enthusiasm, and Mario said, “I’d love to do it.” Kelly insisted, “You have to do it!” But Mario seemed reluctant: “I just don’t know how I’d be able to pull it off.”

An all-star season seems like a natural idea for the ABC series, and after 14 seasons, it’s earned it. How producers cast it will be crucial, though. Will they bring back all the best dancers? The most television friendly/controversial ones? Or keep a similar mix as usual? Or do something else, like identifying those people who were eliminated prematurely, either because of injury or an aberrant dance or vote?

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