#Shock as #JessicaSanchez voted off #Idol but judges use #thesave #OMG #howstaged

The American Idol judges used their one save to prevent Jessica Sanchez from leaving the competition. The show, which has been on a Twitter hashtag bender this season, threw #thesave on the screen and solidified that as the season’s biggest staged moment to date.

That’s not to say the results were fixed or Jessica knew; clearly, she didn’t, and I’m sure the results were accurate. But we did not witness a spontaneous #OMG moment, and that became clear when the suspense was ruined by Steven Tyler, who promised the judges would use their #beautiful save when we found out that Joshua, Elise, and Jessica were the final three.

Five seconds after Jessica started singing, allegedly to convince the judges that they should use the save, and with only a couple minutes left in the show, the other finalists were making faces while watching the judges. About 10 seconds later, Jennifer Lopez ran up to her and yelled, “Give me that mic! This is crazy,” and put Jessica in a headlock that nearly knocked the poor woman over. “We’re using the save. You ain’t going home. Go sit down. Go sit down!” #settledown

Randy Jackson #dawg said they were using it “without any doubt” because “this girl is one of the best singers in America–ever. Are you kidding me?” No, are you kidding us? Best singers ever? That honor clearly belongs to alumni such as James #screamAHHH Durbin.

For her part, Jessica wasn’t all that excited or surprised–“No, not at all. I don’t expect anything,” she told Seacrest, with such emotion and personality that I am #supershocked that she didn’t get votes–and Jennifer Lopez asked Ryan Seacrest, “Can I go back to my seat? That’s where I’d like to be.” He stuck to the script and said no.

Next week, two people will go home, and the in-studio audience #idiots will once again express its shock and horror when it learns that this isn’t a singing contest, but a popularity contest with singing and a lot of over-production, except not during the group numbers, which remain hopelessly, tragically amateurish.

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