Icicle of death, thief penguin, brilliant killer whales: just some of Frozen Planet’s awesomeness

Tonight, the Discovery Channel debuts another epic multi-part, cinematic nature documentary that it co-produced with the BBC, like 2007’s Planet Earth and last year’s Life. Frozen Planet debuts at 9 p.m. ET, and our version is narrated by Alec Baldwin, because we don’t like British people telling us about nature (David Attenborough narrated the BBC version).

The seven-episode series was filmed over four years by 38 camera operators who spent 134 hours under water and 840 hours in blizzards, in weather as cold as -58 degrees. It has been relentlessly promoted, including with the addictive Big Brother-like penguin cam. Speaking of penguins, the documentary includes footage of a thieving penguin.

Among the footage are a number of things that have never been filmed before, such as this freakish icicle of death and this scene, in which a pod of killer whales collaborate to knock a sea lion off an ice floe. This is what killer whales probably fantasize about doing to the tourists they’re forced to splash from inside their tiny tank at Sea World:

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