Lifetime’s daily sex reality show won’t show sex

A new Lifetime reality series will feature couples who have sex daily for a week in order to try to repair their relationships, but 7 Days of Sex apparently won’t show us what happens in their bedrooms.

Lifetime’s announcement said that “the program follows the emotional journey wives and husbands take together when they leave the cameras behind the closed door to explore their own sexual intuition, imagination and creativity and have sex with each other for seven consecutive days.”

Wow, a whole seven days? How will they survive that? And how will that be an engaging TV show if they’re just talking about sex instead of going full-throttle like Playboy TV’s sex show Foursome? The press release offers some hints, suggesting that couples will “break away from the confines of their ordinary routines by once again bonding physically, sharing their fantasies, going on dates and doing special things for one another” and “have a platform from which to identify and tackle their bigger issues.”

But with cameras outside the bedroom, how will we know how big their issues are?

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