Finalist Jermaine Jones has five arrest warrants, kicked off Idol

American Idol finalist Jermaine Jones has been kicked off of the show because he has five outstanding warrants for his arrest. On his official Twitter account, he wrote, “Awww I will no longer b on the show,” but his account has since been deleted. His removal from the competition will likely be addressed tonight, although it’s unclear how exactly that will be handled.

The Smoking Gun details his warrants, reporting that the “oldest warrant stems from a 2006 narcotics bust in Salem County”; in 2008, “he was cited on an open container charge. In 2009 he was nabbed for providing cops with a false name in Winslow Township.” And he had two arrests in 2011: “in March, when he provided a cop with the false name ‘Joel Jones’ to ‘avoid being apprehended on outstanding warrants for his arrest,’ according to a criminal complaint,” and “in late-November for again giving false information to a police officer.”

Update: Fox has confirmed a disqualification, writing on Facebook, “Tough day for the Idol finalists, as one of the contestants was just disqualified. The finalists were rocked by the news, but are focusing on their performances for tonight. The show must go on, and America will still vote for their favorites.”

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