Jill Zarin’s fascinating response to gossip that RHONY wants her back

Fired The Real Housewives of New York City cast member Jill Zarin has responded to a gossip report that she was asked to return to the show. She confirms that she was asked to cameo, but says she’s too busy with other projects, such as her appearance on Iron Chef America‘s top-five moments countdown.

Radar reported that “axed cast member Jill Zarin received a call from a show insider recently asking her if she would consider returning to the show,” but “that came just a little too late, [because] the New York socialite and businesswoman has found a new TV gig on a cooking show.”

That’s a pretty transparent report, considering how it describes Jill and frames the whole thing, so it’s not a surprise that Jill confirmed that it’s true, saying “it was more than one person” who invited her back, though it’s not clear if that refers to cast members or producers. However, she says it would have just been a cameo, and, most interestingly, calls out Radar for reusing an old interview and presenting old information as if it was new: “most of the questions I answered a long time ago from and [sic] older interview.”

The writing is sometimes challenging to read but is also amusing, such as the fact that she gets the name of the network wrong (“COOK channel”). But at least she wrote it herself, unlike so many reality stars who write things for web sites.

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