Trump endorses Romney, convinced we’ll follow him blindly, when the opposite is true

Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney yesterday, a brave, unexpected choice, considering how Romney just easily won Florida. The endorsement has already inspired an ad comparing Trump and Romney’s firings. Upon his endorsement, Trump said that people love to follow him, including viewers of The Apprentice, but in fact, the opposite is true.

“I bring a lot of people with me. If you look at my Twitter, if you look at my anything, if you look at my ratings, period, we bring a lot of people, not because people like me, but they are with what I’m saying,” Trump said while endorsing Romeny in Las Vegas, according to the Los Angeles Times.

This is classic Trump. He’s so full of himself that he mistakes our attention for endorsement, even though facts say otherwise. A January Washington Post-Pew poll found that 8 percent of people are more likely to vote for someone Trump endorses, while 26 percent “said that a Trump endorsement would actually make them less likely to vote for his choice,” according to the Washington Post. Republican strategist and George W. Bush and John McCain adviser Mark McKinnon told the paper, “He brings zero votes, zero credibility and zero impact — [Trump] actually has a negative impact. At a time when Romney needs legitimacy, the head clown steps in and welcomes him to the circus.”

As I’ve said before, Donald Trump’s delusion is one of the best parts of The Celebrity Apprentice; what makes him insufferable in real life makes exceptional television, although it’s too bad his real life bullshit causes some people to skip a pretty outstanding TV show.

Update: For evidence of Trump’s opportunism and/or shifting ideologies and/or indecisiveness, check out his voter registration history at The Smoking Gun.

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