“Hypocrite” Emily Maynard “scared to death” of Bachelorette but still believes it can work

Emily Maynard says she’s frightened of what will happen when she films The Bachelorette, and also feels like a hypocrite for saying she’d never do it, but she’s also convinced the format can work, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Emily told People, “It really hasn’t hit me, what I’ve signed on to do. I’m scared to death.” I presume she means signing on to a show where the producers are understandably more concerned with making entertaining television than with finding her a partner for life, and thus is worried about how they’ll fuck with her through the casting and/or set-up moments.

Meanwhile, Emily says that when she said she didn’t intend to be the next Bachelorette, “I genuinely meant that. I feel like the biggest hypocrite because I said that and now I’m doing it.” But she also said, “I know it can work. I fell in love the first time and no, we didn’t end up getting married, but in the end just falling in love, for me, is a success.”

Emily also said her daughter is “not going to be involved in a lot of filming and certainly not meeting the guys.” So at least her daughter will be spared whatever the producers could come up with for her.

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