Chris Harrison “wouldn’t have predicted” response to Ben, Courtney

Negative responses to this season of The Bachelor is just fine, according to host Chris Harrison, and he thinks it’s a good sign that people react negatively to things such as boring Ben Flajnik-inspired boredom, baby-talking, manipulative Courtney, and his producers’ destruction of a person. But he was also clueless, and had no idea people wouldn’t fall in love with Ben and Courtney’s love story.

“This season may not be a Trista and Ryan fairytale or an Ashley and J.P. situation where everyone’s rooting for them … but as long as people have opinions about it, that’s what matters. It’s when they’re indifferent that it’s bad,” he told TV Guide. That’s a really fair point: the real problem is if people stop watching or caring.

However, as to Ben bulldozing decent options because he’s caught in the tractor beams coming from Courtney’s breasts, Chris said he had no idea that we’d react this way. “You never know how America is going to react, and even during filming, I wouldn’t have predicted they’d feel this way. People say, ‘Why haven’t you warned him about her?’ But he hears what she’s saying and plenty of the women tried to caution him.”

So in other words, he knew that people were reacting negatively to Courtney’s romance with Ben, because the other women were pretty much reacting like the country is reacting. More of Chris’ disingenuousness?

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