Brandon Hantz, divorcing, calls Survivor a “bad memory”

Since the finale of Survivor South Pacific, cast member Brandon Hantz has started a new job as a sales rep on the NASCAR circuit while getting a divorce from his wife, with whom he has two children. During the season, Brandon struggled with his attraction to another cast member, disturbingly blaming her for his attraction. He now calls the show a “bad memory.”

Brandon told SB Nation, “Things got really rough (with the divorce), so I kind of wanted to get my mind off stuff.” The divorce happened post-finale in December, as did the start of his new job: He now works as a salesperson selling FanVision on the NASCAR circuit for Racing Electronics.

He said Survivor is a “bad memory” and added, “Not to say the way I showed myself on Survivor isn’t a part of me, but there’s a lot more aspects to me. We’re humans. We’re real complex. I’m really, really happy and an outgoing guy. … Emotionally, man, I have a lot of things going on in my life. At that moment in time, I was struggling with a lot of things as far as my relationship with God was concerned. Instead of trying to force things, I’m just letting them happen. And so far, it’s honestly worked a heck of a lot better.”

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