Kourtney Moon has cancer; Survivor injury still not healed

Survivor One World Kourtney Moon, found out she had cancer this week, days before the episode aired during which she was medically removed from the game after breaking her arm, an injury that she still has not recovered from.

Talking from her hospital room on Rob Cesternino’s podcast, Kourtney said she was doing “shitty, actually” because “I went for a typical wellness check-up on Monday” and “they found a large, grapefruit-sized tumor in my abdomen. The very next day they rushed me to emergency surgery,” she said. “I’m on the safer side” and “I’m super-optimistic; my surgeon doesn’t seem worried at all.”

As to her injury, in the podcast and in interviews, Kourtney repeatedly refers to breaking her arm, not her wrist. (After returning, she tweeted on Sept. 20, “worst case: they’ll have to re-break my arm. SPLENDID. they better knock me out and cut me open this time. 3rd re-setting’s a charm, right?” Earlier, she joked, “since i can’t knit or masturbate properly with a broken left arm, i have taken to my sexy french lessons like mad.”)

On Rob’s podcast, Kourtney said she is in physical therapy and “hopefully, eventually, it will be back to normal.” In other exit interviews, she elaborated on the nature of her injury, telling Gordon Holmes, Kourtney said, “They ended up having to move it back into place and they weren’t so successful the first time. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It hasn’t been quite the same ever since.” And she told Examiner that “I had it in a cast for a while, but since then we were waiting for some paperwork to go through so I could get onto physical therapy as soon as possible.”

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