Donkey semen drinker threatened by NBC for talking about the Fear Factor stunt

One of the Fear Factor contestants who drank donkey semen and urine during a stunt says she has been threatened by NBC for talking about it. The network pulled the episode Monday and has not yet rescheduled it.

Twins Brynne and Claire Odioso talked about drinking the semen on Tampa Bay’s Cowhead Show, revealing that one drank semen while the other drank urine. Claire called the taste of semen “so bitter” with a “hint of hay,” and said it was “way thicker” than human semen.

Claire describes it as “the hardest 15 minutes of my life.” She said that “if you vomited, you’d have to start over,” so she “vomited it my glass and just drank that.” Claire adds, “everyone was throwing up” and “the cameramen were vomiting.” (Listen to the full interview.)

Claire “got a threatening call this AM, after execs saw a video of her talking about the stunt posted on” TMZ, the site reports, saying that she was prevented from “appearing on TMZ Live today, and further told her if she dared to say another word about animal spunk, they would enforce the confidentiality agreement and sic their lawyers on her.”

That there’s a confidentiality agreement isn’t a surprise, and on the radio show, the host mentions the “pretty strict rules” and says “let’s speak in hypotheticals so you don’t get in trouble.” Brynne says they can discuss things because pictures of the episode were posted, but they discuss all three stunts, which implies that made it to the end, although when confronted with that, says, “we’re not allowed to say.”

But really, who cares if they talk about it now? This is probably just a network being controlling and people exercising their tiny bit of power to make themselves feel better about their powerlessness, but it could also imply that NBC does intend to air the episode, and thus doesn’t want the results spoiled.

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