Dating series that won’t perpetuate a fairy tale myth about dating” coming to CBS

One of the new reality shows CBS is adding has been announced, and it’s a dating series that promises to not be like The Bachelor. Instead, it’s about a threesome, sort of.

On the series, CBS said, “three single women of different ages, life experiences and backgrounds meet for the first time with a common goal — to find true love. As they search for a partner, they will share their lives and emotionally support one another during the dating and decision-making process.”

The show is titled 3, and is based on a popular series from Israel’s Keshet Broadcasting, which produced the show that was adapted into Showtime’s Homeland. Magical Elves will produce it for CBS, another good sign. Keshet’s Avi Nir told the Hollywood Reporter that “We set out to achieve real emotions, love affairs and that idea of falling in and out of love. And we allowed the men to say no to the women.”

CBS reality executive Jen Bresnan said in a press release that it “is a relationship show that won’t perpetuate a fairy tale myth about dating. Without any typical game play, it intimately documents the search for love and the reality of dating — the anticipation, the excitement, the rejection. Along the way, we’ll see personalities who are real, and flawed and simply human.”

Based on that description and its pedigree, it sounds really promising, and since it’s producers are good at what they do, hopefully it won’t be watered down into a crap, sensationalized Americanized version of an excellent overseas show, like Kitchen Nightmares and Big Brother were.

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