Mob Wives’ Big Ang once convicted of dealing cocaine

Mob Wives star Angela Raiola, aka “Big Ang,” was once a cocaine dealer who was indicted and convicted for selling cocaine in New York nine years ago.

The Smoking Gun reports that she “was one of 15 defendants indicted–and later convicted–for their roles in the narcotics operation, which distributed crack cocaine, powdered cocaine, and marijuana in Brooklyn and Manhattan,” adding that “Federal agents described Raiola as an associate of the drug ring’s leader.”

Indictment records published by The Smoking Gun show that, as the site reports, “In bugged telephone calls, Raiola was overheard complaining about the inferior quality of cocaine provided to her by the drug ring’s leader,” and note she was “indicted in May 2001 on six felony counts. Along with a conspiracy to distribute charge, she was hit with five counts related to separate cocaine sales she made to the CI. At the time of her arrest, Raiola’s handbag contained 14 small plastic bags containing cocaine.”

The site says she “pleaded guilty to the indictment’s top count” in 2003 and in October, “was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to spend four months under home confinement,” although that was later modified to include drug treatment.

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