CBS confirms Rachel and Brendon on Amazing Race, announces non-ratings-whoring cast, too

“Event hostess” Rachel Reilly and “student” Brendon Villegas, best known for their multiple appearances on Big Brother, are among the cast members of The Amazing Race 20, as CBS once again brings back previous cast members in a desperate attempt at maintaining ratings. The network calls this season “one of the most competitive courses ever.”

We’ve known for two months that we’d be subject to another CBS reality show with Brendon and Rachel, ever since they were spotted at LAX with the other teams. Considering they’re better players in the Big Brother house when they’re playing as individuals, this should make for a lot of drama. And I suppose it’ll force me to at least start to watch another season. Sigh.

Other cast members include two separate professional athletes, and teams that consist of married clowns, federal agents, border patrol agents, male twins, and “dating divorcees” (Brendon and Rachel’s likely future occupation). Here’s the cast:

  • Dave Brown Jr., 33, U.S. Army officer and Rachel Brown, 30, project manager; married
  • William “Bopper” Minton, 41, motorcycle mechanic and Mark Jackson, 45, former state inspector; best friends
  • Nary Ebeid, 32, federal agent and Jamie Graetz, 33, federal agent; friends
  • Brendon Villegas, 31, PhD Student and Rachel Reilly, 27, Event Hostess; engaged
  • Joey “Fitness” Lasalla, 29, trainer/supplement company owner and Danny Horal, 27, nightclub promoter; friends
  • Misa Tanaka, 27, car buyer and Maiya Tanaka, 25, professional golfer; sisters
  • Dave Gregg, 44, clown and Cherie Gregg, 44, clown; married
  • Elliot Weber, 28, musician and Andrew Weber, 28, professional soccer player; twins
  • Kerri Paul, 30, program coordinator and Stacy Bowers, 30, self employed / “basketball” wife; cousins
  • Vanessa Macias, 31, freelance writer and Ralph Kelley, 36, bar owner; dating divorcees
  • Art Velez, 43, border patrol agent and J.J. Carrell, 42, border patrol agent; friends

Here’s a video preview:

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