Rehab with Dr. Drew drops the celebrities

A report that VH1’s Celebrity Rehab wouldn’t air this year was only sort of accurate, as VH1 announced this morning that it will air Rehab with Dr. Drew this summer, the same show but without celebrities.

The eight-hour series will be set at the Pasadena Recovery Center but people who are in their 20s and 30s and are not celebrities or even quasi-celebrities.

“This show has always resonated with our viewers but we feel this expanded format will hold up a mirror to our core audience and hopefully give them some new insight to this disease that touches almost everyone–whether they are struggling with addiction themselves or know someone who is,” VH1 executive Jeff Olde said in a press release.

In other words, they ran out of celebrities. But I’ve always liked this show and seeing real people in this context will be interesting, especially since their experiences with addiction will probably be more relatable to viewers suffering with their own addictions–and even to those who aren’t.

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