Celebrity Wife Swap cast: the exact same quasi-celebs that appear on all of these shows

The cast of Celebrity Wife Swap, ABC’s spin-off of the now-cancelled Wife Swap, has been announced, and it’s the same group of people you’d expect would be on this show: the celebrities who are now more well-known for their appearances on reality TV shows than for their original celebrity.

The cast members are below and I’ve appended the reality shows they’ve appeared on, which in some cases is not a comprehensive list because there are many. By my count, only one of them has not done reality TV before: Ted Haggard, though he has been the subject of several documentaries. You might also include wrestler Mick Foley, who hosted Robot Wars but has never competed on or been featured in a reality series, though he was in the documentary Beyond The Mat.

Of the remaining eight, every single one of them has been on at least two reality shows. The people who will appear along with their families are:

  • Gary Busey (Celebrity Rehab, Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Fit Club) and Ted Haggard
  • Tracey Gold (Celebrity Mole) and Carnie Wilson (Celebrity Fit Club, Gone Country, Celebracadabra, more).
  • Flavor Flav (The Surreal Life, Flavor of Love) and Dee Snider (Gone Country, Growing Up Twisted)
  • Mick Foley (Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors) and Antonio Sabato, Jr. (Celebrity Circus, My Antonio, But Can They Sing?)
  • Niecy Nash (Dancing with the Stars, Clean House) and Tina Yothers (Celebrity Fit Club, Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp)

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