Ben Flajnik’s Bachelor season spoiled

The woman selected by Ben Flajnik at the conclusion of this spring’s The Bachelor 16 has been revealed by “Reality” Steve Carbone, who was sued last week for his spoilers, and his spoiler today comes with a disclaimer about the source of his information.

First, in response to the lawsuit he says he still hasn’t seen, Steve writes that “it’s killing me not to be able to say anything just yet about the allegations levied against me. I’m not very good at keeping my mouth shut about things like this, but I have to for the time being at the request of my lawyer.” Most interestingly, he adds that, “none of the information that I am hereby revealing, or have revealed about the show, was provided to me by contestants, participants, or anyone else under a confidentiality agreement with the show.”

That mirrors what his lawyer’s response said, and is interesting, because everyone who works on or is filmed by the show most likely signs a confidentiality agreement. That suggests to me that sources are people close to contestants or crew members, friends or significant others who aren’t themselves under agreements but get information, because people talk, and there are rarely consequences. However, it doesn’t explain the messages the lawsuit claims Steve sent to contestants asking for information, promising they won’t get in trouble, and offering financial incentives.

On to the spoiler (stop reading if you want to actually waste your time watching the whole season): Steve says that Ben got engaged to model Courtney Robertson, 29, who once dated Jesse Metcalfe. He argues that “Courtney is on the show to promote her career” and the publicity that will follow from the engagement is what she’s really interested in.

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