Richard Hatch wants on Amazing Race, may star in a sperm donation offspring series

Now out of prison, Richard Hatch would like to be on The Amazing Race, and said that visits from children who were born as a result of his donations to a sperm bank is the subject of a potential reality series.

“The offspring want connections with their biological donors because of all kinds of varying reasons from health to emotional to whatever they are,” Hatch told the AP, which reported that he’s talking to a production company about a series that focuses on his reunions with biological children. “It was additionally challenging to be wrongfully imprisoned knowing that these children were coming forward. I told the court that beforehand. I explained this is a fascinating time in my life when I was at a place where I wanted to get to know these people who are my children who have come forward and want to get to know me.”

Sibling Donor Registry executive director Wendy Kramer has “known Hatch for years and that they have discussed working on a television project,” the AP reported.

The story also said he “would like to compete in The Amazing Race,” though as part of his 26 months of supervised release, he needs permission to leave the country. He did not specify who he’d like to race with.

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