E! plans to be less “trashy,” but first: four more Kardashian shows

The NBC Universal executive who transformed USA Network and SyFy will now make over the E! network, but first, she wants up to four more series following the Kardashian and Jenner families. Keeping Up With the Kardashians has already spawned three series.

“”E! needs to be and really wants to be the pulse of popular culture. We’ll eventually get rid of the more Playboy trashy element, and elevate E! to a fun, exciting and aspirational network,” Bonnie Hammer said in a Hollywood Reporter profile. She’s the chair of NBC Universal’s cable entertainment, and she also said, “The most important thing for E! to move forward is credibility, with immediacy being a close second.”

That’s awesome–except she wants “two, three, even four new Kardashian [spinoffs].” She said that the Kardashian brand “will have its own life expectancy, and we’ll just go along with it and help hone what’s right for E! and what’s not right for E! as we develop a whole other world.” Hammer also said that Kim Kardashian’s failed, brief marriage “was not a stunt. In no way did people believe that this was going to happen.”

Three years ago, I asked the family if they had any plans to ever go away (from television), and threatened to do reality TV “forever.” Clearly, E! is going to enable them for as long as they can bring in viewers, advertisers, and cash.

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