Astro now says X Factor punished him for not promoting its sponsor, may quit

A few days after apologizing for his behavior, X Factor‘s break-out controversy Astro, aka Brian Bradley, now says that he thinks that producers put him in the bottom two to punish him for not promoting the show’s sponsors, and said he may quit the show like his mother suggested he do, though he will perform this week.

Being in the bottom two last week “was X Factor’s way of punishing me,” he told the New York Post. “I don’t see how you can have the most followers on Twitter out of everybody in the competition and get voted in the bottom two. So, I thought something was jiggy.” While he says his mother is on his side–“She knew what was going on. She was tellin’ me, ‘Just leave. You need to leave and go home'”–he said he’ll perform this week and if he’s in the bottom, “I’ll handle it differently, because I’ll know people actually voted me in the bottom two.”

Of course, that makes little sense, especially since there’s no correlation between popularity and how many votes someone gets, as reality TV competitions have proven to us year after year.

More interesting, however, is the paper’s report that there was behind-the-scenes drama to fuel Astro’s conspiracy theory, which he mentioned vaguely post-results show in a tweet. Citing anonymous sources, the Post says “Astro defied producers and insisted on wearing a pair of Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones — even though the show has a sponsorship agreement with Sony.”

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