Friends of reality star you’ve never heard of say she’s pregnant with Mel Gibson’s baby

A reality show cast member is pregnant with Mel Gibson’s baby, according to her friends, though it’s unlikely you’ve heard of her.

Rumorfix’s report calls Laura Bellizzi “the bad girl, queen bee and most-hated cast member” on Secrets of Aspen, a low-rated 2009 VH1 series, and it’s difficult to imagine anyone cared enough about that show to hate her.

Anyway, Rumorfix reports that she “posted a link to her party pic with Mel on her pal’s Facebook Page and boasted about her baby shower and told her friends she will soon be moving.” The site quotes “one of Laura’s best friends,” Bridgette Willis, who awkwardly said, “Laura is presently five months pregnant with Mel Gibson’s baby. Laura has shared many sacred moments of her pregnancy with me including the sonogram that revealed Mel Gibson’s child will be a girl. She is already in love with her baby girl she is just overjoyed and see’s this baby as a new light for her life.”

Update: A rep for Laura issued this statement to TMZ:

“Ms. Bellizzi and her family are greatly dismayed at the rash of intrusive and irresponsible stories about her pregnancy. Ms. Bellizzi considers the details of her pregnancy to be private, and does not intend to respond to the lies and speculation fueling the reckless reports, beyond that which her attorney has already accurately disseminated.

‘Mel Gibson is not the father of my child,’ Ms. Bellizzi claims, all though she acknowledges they know one another. However, the details pertaining to her level of past and/or present involvement with him are private.

Additionally, any alleged ‘friends’ of Ms. Bellizzi claiming that she told them that Mr. Gibson ‘is the father’ of her child are either misinterpreting her desire for privacy surrounding the identity of the father, or are being 100% dishonest in a mis-guided effort to seek 5 seconds of notoriety and fame. Laura has never told any acquaintances or friends that Mel Gibson is the father of her child. That is total rubbish!”

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