Survivor preview again reveals what will happen

Last week on Survivor South Pacific, Ozzy asked to be voted out, betting that he could both win at Redemption Island and that the tribes would merge. And once again, CBS has revealed part of what will happen in its preview for the episode.

The outcome of the Redemption Island challenge isn’t revealed, but the preview doesn’t skimp on other details. This is nothing new (see previous examples), and I should probably just get used to it and/or shield my eyes and throw my television to the floor the second one comes on. But it strikes me as an annoying extension of the insecurity that has plagued the series, prompting them to bring back cast members such as Russell and/or people related to Russell to try to get every possible viewer. I actually like to be surprised by what I’m watching, rather than knowing what’s coming later in the episode, so this just annoys me. But hey, what doesn’t?

Stop reading if you don’t want to know what the preview for tonight’s episode reveals, which aren’t shocking spoilers but are significant elements of the game: It reveals that both that the tribes will merge and that the winner of the duel will re-enter the game. The merge isn’t completely unexpected, but this isn’t Big Brother where the houseguests know exactly what will happen each minute of the game because the show follows the same template. It’s certainly possible that it could have come later, thwarting Ozzy’s plans if he does win the challenge, or that this season’s version of Redemption Island wouldn’t send a player back into the game at the merge, like it did last season.

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