Deleted scene reveals why Cochran switched tribes on Survivor

Cochran is getting a lot of criticism today for his decision to flip to the other tribe’s alliance on Survivor South Pacific, because it seems like he’s gone from the number six spot in one alliance to the number seven in another. But the editors left out a key scene that makes his decision seem a lot more rational. It also reveals that he’s probably being played.

The clip starts with a conversation between Coach and Albert, which apparently occurred after Coach’s conversation with Cochran. Coach tells Albert that if they “make him think that he is now on the inside of the tribe … I’m 100 percent sure that it’ll happen.” Coach encourages Albert to propose including Cochran in an alliance of Albert, Sophie, and Coach.

Albert makes that offer, although it’s worth noting that he doesn’t explicitly say that it’s a guaranteed final four deal. But that’s what the implication is (“if you get in on our side”) and also what Cochran takes away from it. “Now I’m being offered a potential final four spot … I think going with Upolu is the way to go,” he tells the camera during an interview.

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