Morgan Spurlock’s reality show about failure, rejected by networks, debuts on Yahoo

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock has a new reality series focusing on failure, and it debuted today on Yahoo!

The first episode, which is basically an introduction to the concept, is now online, and in it, he says that a group of seven people are “going to help each other go after the things we’ve always dreamed of but have been too afraid to try.” The goal is to “strip away that notion that failure is wrong.”

The show itself almost was a failure, as networks rejected it. In a press release, Spurlock said, “I tried to get this concept on network television for seven years, but they were all scared to death of a year-long format. Yahoo! wants to try things traditional outlets shy away from, so I can honestly say there is no better home for Failure Club than on Yahoo!.”

Spurlock’s last show, FX’s 30 Days, was conceptually great but only really worked when it focused on Spurlock, because he’s charismatic and a good narrator of his own experiences, so I hope this show uses him well. Most recently, he produced a documentary for ESPN Films about sports agents, The Dotted Line, which is now available on iTunes.

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