Listen to Hoarders’ Matt Paxton and I talk about reality TV

Hoarders Matt Paxton was one of the subjects of my Playboy piece about the effects of reality TV, so when he came to Central Florida to clean a house for the show and asked to interview me for his new podcast, I agreed.

The resulting episode is now live on his 5 Decisions Away podcast, which you should subscribe to. (Here’s the direct iTunes link; it’s free. You can also listen online.)

It’s basically us talking for just over an hour about reality TV and, in heavier moments, things like life. Since we recorded it in the early evening, it’s not quite as crazy of a conversation as his previous episode with the show’s animal hoarding experts, which was recorded late at night and includes lots of hilariously childish genitalia jokes amid the interesting analysis of animal hoarders’ behavior. And his first episode features a conversation with his Clutter Cleaner colleague Cabell Hatchett about the work they do.

But especially if you’ve never heard my odd muppet-like voice before, you should listen to the one with me first.

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