Televangelist, megachurch pastor Joel Osteen will take people on missions for a show produced by his friend Mark Burnett

Houston-based televangelist and megachurch pastor Joel Osteen will star in a reality series produced by Survivor producer Mark Burnett. The evangelical church he presides over is the largest church in the United States, and he’ll take hundreds of members of his congregations on missions for the show.

Burnett and his Touched by an Angel star wife Roma Downey are friends with Osteen and his wife, Victoria, and the Houston Chronicle reported that “Burnett — a fellow Christian who has visited Lakewood multiple times in the year that they’ve known him — came up with a concept that would focus more on Christian mission than their own lives.” (TMZ, which first reported news of the show, has a photo of the two couples.)

Here’s how the Chronicle described the series: “Each episode will center on a three- to four-day mission trip, and Osteen imagines flying 200 to 300 Lakewood Church members to different areas of the country, such as poor neighborhoods and areas struck by natural disasters, and following their efforts to serve the community.”

Osteen told the paper the show would be similar to ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and said, “We didn’t just want to do a reality show, we wanted to do something that inspires people and makes them better.”

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