New competition series: Celebrity Cook-Off, Extreme Couponing All-Stars

Two new competition series will bring back people from other reality shows to compete: one pits couponers against one another, while lets D-list stars cook.

In late December, TLC will debut Extreme Couponing All-Stars, on which 12 hoarders–I mean, couponers–will compete against each other. The challenge, TLC said in a press release, is to “buy $500 worth of items in 30 minutes and nothing can be full price,” and “their entire haul must then be donated.” The person who saves the most wins, and the winners of the early rounds will face off in the final episode. There’s no word of a prize.

On Jan. 1, Food Network will debut a cooking competition between eight of your favorite D-list stars who are always cast on celebrity reality shows because no one else will do them. The show is called Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cook-Off, and will feature Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri mentoring teams. The losers of a weekly challenge on each team will face each other in an elimination challenge, and the ultimate winner receives $50,000 for charity.

The “celebrities,” emphasis on the scare quotes, are Alyssa Campanella, Aaron Carter, Coolio, Taylor Dayne, Joey Fatone, Cheech Marin, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Summer Sanders.

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