Tom Bergeron’s great idea: one season a year of Dancing with the Stars, which has its final four

Despite generating headlines with its cast at the start of the season, Dancing with the Stars‘ ratings are down significantly, nearly 14 percent. Its host, Tom Bergeron, has a solution: cut one season.

“One season a year works very well for American Idol. I certainly think that’s one of the things that should be considered going forward. I would be looking at the spring season very carefully,” he told TV Guide.

Besides attention to CBS’ Monday comedies, Bergeron said the ratings might be down because of the cast. “You wonder if the cast isn’t resonating with people.”

That cast is down to its final four: Rob Kardashian, Ricki Lake, J.R. Martinez, and Hope Solo, having dumped Nancy Grace during last night’s results show. While they may not have generated headlines like Chaz Bono did, they have “have shown the most improvement and best moves,” according to

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