Real World casting for Occupy Wall Street protester

MTV’s The Real World is casting for its 27th season, and one place it is looking for cast members may seem somewhat unlikely: the Occupy Wall Street movement.

A very brief Craiglist ad asks, “Are you a part of the OCCUPY WALL STREET movement? If so, please contact [email protected]

The Los Angeles Times reports that “a spokesperson for Bunim/Murray [said] the casting call is simply a way to cast a wide net in keeping with the show’s ‘tradition’ of bringing together an eclectic group of people. An Occupy Wall Street demonstrator is not a definitive role they’re looking to fill, the spokesperson said.”

The show has at least attempted to cast people who are a bit more substantive in recent seasons, and although this may seem a bit opportunistic and ridiculous, it also makes sense, because this movement includes a wide range of people, including those in the show’s demographic. And for a prospective cast member, the show could be an interesting platform for communicating ideas to a new audience. If there’s time to show that between the drunken make-out fights, of course.

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