Survivor One World: men vs. women on one beach for the show’s 24th season

The 24th season of Survivor will be called Survivor: One World, and its twist will feature tribes of men versus women who are separate but live on the same beach. There will be no returning cast members.

That’s according to a longtime Survivor Sucks poster known as castaway208, who identified the title and revealed the twist after giving clues, such as “What do [seasons] 5,6,9,10 and 14 have in common?” That person also revealed that there are no returnees.

The information seems trustworthy, especially because the title is confirmed by its appearance on the LinkedIn profile of another camera operator, as Sucks posters noticed. The season has completed production.

The “one world” twist represents another change to Survivor‘s fundamental structure, but it’s not completely out of left field, of course, since we had Survivor Thailand‘s fake merge. Like Redemption Island, though, which was a version of the Outcasts twist, this puts everyone on notice from day one rather than surprising them with it later. And this maintains the structure of the game, with two tribes competing, it just increases interaction that makes the post-merge game less likely to remain tribe versus tribe.

This will undoubtedly introduce an entirely new dynamic, but I’ve long wondered what would happen if they began with a single tribe, merged or separate, so I’m really curious how it plays out, and think this could be an awesome twist. (Then again, I also was thrilled by the idea of Redemption Island, and now I just want it to die so reward challenges can return.) If producers mix up and separate the tribes at some point, that could further impact the dynamic–though it would require a merge later on. And while I’m not a fan of separating tribes by sex, it does seem like a logical way for viewers and players to quickly and easily identify who’s on what tribe while they’re living together.

Some Survivor purists might not like this, but especially it spares us the return of he-who-shall-not-be-named or other has-beens, it’s a great way to try something new.

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