Rupert Boneham surprised to learn how much it costs to run for governor

Update: Rupert Boneham confirmed he’s running for governor on Oct. 22.

Survivor star Rupert Boneham will announce on Saturday whether he’ll run for governor of Indiana as a libertarian, but he most likely will–even though he’s recently learned that it’s very expensive to run a campaign.

He’s been considering a run since August, and said that feedback from potential voters has been positive. “That’s what’s empowering me to overlook that fact that I have to try and generate millions of dollars, and that’s just one hurdle, one little roadblock,” Rupert told the Franklin College Statehouse Bureau. “I have a lot of the ideas and a lot of the plans in my head for changing the way that we run our system, run our correctional facilities, treat our small businesses, treat our private sector people, treat all of that, but I did not know and understand the dollar sign of the campaign.”

The libertarian party, Rupert said, “started showing me even yard signs for 92 counties. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of yard signs at a buck and quarter apiece. We could spend a quarter of a million dollars just on yard signs, and I’m thinking I could run my whole campaign on a quarter-million dollars.”

Despite being surprised by the financial realities of running a campaign, Rupert is confident he can cut spending. He detailed some of his plans if he should be elected, saying, “You can lead by example. When I come in the governor’s office and the first day I drop the governor’s pay and the governor’s salary by a quarter and the governor’s budget by a quarter and I look at everyone in administration and I say, ‘What are you going to do? We’re cutting some of the administration in our government. We’re stopping some of the wasteful spending that we are doing.'”

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